Chit Chat Photo Booth

Chit Chat Photo Booth


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Streamlining Your Photo Booth Business with Workflows: A Guide to Increased Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Attracting Corporate Clients for Your Photo Booth Rental Business: Key Strategies to Enhance Your Business and Reach More Clients

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Sharone really was a Tremendous resource for me when I started the Photobooth part of my Mobile DJ Business. She really knows the ins and outs of the Photobooth business. Because she's done a lot of the things that you would have questions about. Whenever I have a question about something that I'm experiencing for the first time in my business I always call her.!

DJ Kevin Johnson Owner - KJ Entertainment

Sharone Reid has been my mentor since 2020. Under her guidance I have become so knowledgeable about the Photo Booth business. She gave me solid advice on how to structure my business. One of the main things I learned from her is "IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CLIENT", take pride in your business representation, present QUALITY service, QUALITY product, and QUALITY appearance .

Cynthia Etheridge Owner: In the Click Photo booth