Chit Chat Photo Booth

Chit Chat Photo Booth


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Time with Sharone is all about you, your needs or your upcoming event needs. Sharone gives you a 360 degree mentoring session that provides well needed advice on your Photo Booth woes and gives you insights and empowerment on how you need to make your next move.

Sign up today for a free 15 Min consultation with Coach Sharone Reid. While we chat we can review our many options and Chit Chat about your brand. Can’t wait to speak.

Sharone really was a Tremendous resource for me when I started the Photobooth part of my Mobile DJ Business. She really knows the ins and outs of the Photobooth business. Because she's done a lot of the things that you would have questions about. Whenever I have a question about something that I'm experiencing for the first time in my business I always call her.!

DJ Kevin Johnson Owner - KJ Entertainment

Sharone Reid has been my mentor since 2020. Under her guidance I have become so knowledgeable about the Photo Booth business. She gave me solid advice on how to structure my business. One of the main things I learned from her is "IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CLIENT", take pride in your business representation, present QUALITY service, QUALITY product, and QUALITY appearance .

Cynthia Etheridge Owner: In the Click Photo booth